The journey begins! I am so happy that you choose to travel with us. On this page you’ll find an upload form. Please fill it out with as much detail as you can provide.

After your upload we will run your track to our system and supply all platforms, this takes between 24 & 48 hours. You’ll get an email when your product is delivered. It is really that simple, good luck.

These are a few of the platforms we supply!

It is important to know that we don’t charge you any fee for uploading and that we don’t hide ourselves behind unclear mentioning of taxes and any other things that we will deduct if “applicable”. We do however ask for 15% of the income we generate for you. We have the feeling that this way we give you all the freedom to start sharing your music without any extra costs.

To give you a rough estimate of what the financials look like: If we were to charge you 20 USD for an upload it would take you approximately 12.500 streams to reach that amount and start earning.

Please find our straight forward distribution agreement behind this link and keep in mind that you can end your distribution with us at any time and that no rights are being transferred with this agreement, it’s just distribution!

Well if you’re ready you can now start to upload:

Upload instructions made easy


What does Streamugo do?

Streamugo distributes your music to about 350 music streaming and/or download platforms. When you uploaded your music, artwork and credits correctly it takes between 24 en 48 hours for your music to be available on the platforms. Some platforms (like Apple) might have additional rules about the music they will place on their platform. We therefor suggest that if a specific platform is important to you, you do mention that on the upload from so we can pay extra attention.

What happens to my rights?

Well that is simple: NOTHING changes there. Streamugo simply takes care of distribution and only that. All rights remain with you, the creators.

What else can Streamugo do?

Streamugo has knowledge of everything in the music- and entertainment business so any questions or services related to that can be handled by Streamugo. If there are any costs involved by the question or request you may have, you will get a straight forward quote,… for you to accept or decline.