• Send your track(s) with all the corresponding information (see below) via the upload form or by emailing to upload@streamugo.com or by creating a WE-tranfer file and sending the link to  transfer@streamugo.com. (also specifically indicate whether we can send your music to all platforms, or whether you want to exclude platforms or countries!)
  • Publishing your music to all platforms takes up to 5 days.
  • From the time the music is available for streaming and downloads, you’ll receive a monthly overview of your track’s activities.
  • For now, you can ask all your other questions regarding your musical career through lid@streamugo.com.In the short term, we upgrade this website and you’ll have access to the Streamugo community & platform.

Corresponding Information:

Name, Email, Additional information concerning the specific recording, EAN code(We can provide one), ISRC code(We can provide one), Artist(s), Composer(s) & Lyricist(s), Publisher(when applicable),Producer(s), Other participants(musicians, producers, mixer, featuring appearances, etc., etc.)